Team Building

Live a unique culinary experience in ICIF
wear an apron and Chef's hat
and get involved in a Team


ICIF organizes by collaborating primarily with tour operators and companies, for groups of 16 participants and up, Italian or foreign, the Team Building culinary experience, where participants wear an apron and Chef's hat and get involved in a Team, and have fun collaborating on preparing their lunch or dinner menu.

In 4 subgroups, following the guidelines and under the eye of an expert professional chef, each group works in the practical room of the Institute, preparing the starter, the first course, the main course and the dessert. Toasting at the end of the work, sitting in the refectory of the Institute, enjoying the results of the dishes, the groups can also exchange opinions on the dynamics between the different working groups, as well as request a classification to decide the best group.
Ideal activity for companies, to develop the problem solving and the teamwork skills and an healthy competitive spirit, enjoying a day different from the daily routine, but also ideal for groups of friends, tourists, gastronomy enthusiasts and food lovers.


ICIF Team Building activity

The Times

Activity carried out in the morning + Lunch

Arrival at the facility around 8.45/9.00 AM
Classroom activities – approximately 9:00 – 12:00 AM
Lunch from approximately from 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM – conclusion

Attività svolta al pomeriggio + cena

Arrival at the facilityat 3.30/4.00 PM
Classroom activities – approximately 4.00 PM – 7.00 PM
Dinner from 7.30 PM to approximately 9.30 PM - conclusion

Carrying out of the activity

Gli orari

The group is divided into 4 subgroups, each group works in the practical room separated in a line of the classroom, preparing, one group the starter for the total number of portions of the group, one group the first course, one group the main course and one group for the dessert.
The subgroups in the classroom follow the instructions of the ICIF Chef until around 12:00 AM or until around 7:00 PM, then they bring the preparations to the Institute’s central kitchen which is responsible for completing them in terms of cooking and plating and then serve them to the group for lunch or dinner in the Institute refectory/canteen, with an indicative starting time at 12.30 PM or 19.30 PM, adding water, bread, n. 2 wines and coffee.



The cost for the proposed program will vary based on the number of participants, for this reason we recommend requesting an ad hoc quotation.

The cost includes:

  • recipes in Italian and English delivered to each participant

  • the use of the classroom and equipment necessary for the lesson

  • the ICIF chef instructor

  • the kitchen staff for preparing and serving the meal

  • post-program cleaning of the classroom and the spaces used

  • English interpreter in case of foreign groups

It is also possible to receive a CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPATION to the lesson, named for each participant at an additional cost.

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Since 1991, we have been promoting Italian cuisine, culture and oenology around the world through professional training courses.

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